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Steve Jobs Tmz

    Steve Jobs is leaving the helm of Apple to focus on his health -- but says he hopes "to be back as soon as [he] can." The CEO sent a letter to Apple employees announcing his leave of absence. In the letter he says, "I will continue as CEO and be involved in major strategic decisions for the company."

    The letter does not mention a specific medical condition -- but Jobs also took time off early in 2009 when he had liver transplant surgery.

    When TMZ published this pic of him returning to the Apple campus in July, 2009 ... the company's stock shot up.

    According to TMZ, THIS is what former Apple CEO Steve Jobs looked like, two days after he announced is resignation!!!!!

    If this is an accurate picture, I have to pray for him.
    Just a couple of hours ago, a picture of Steve Jobs surfaced on the internet, showing the cancer-struck CEO as a frail and pale man. As far as I know, it was released by TMZ:

    Steve Jobs Cancer Picture

    Steve Jobs Cancer Picture

    Compared to his showmanship, Steve Jobs is now just a shadow of his former self.

    But that's not all. The above picture's authenticity was challenged by a Redditor, saying that it's warped and edited to show a weaker, frailer Jobs. Here's the same picture complete with the fake cancer picture captions:

    Steve Jobs Cancer Picture Fake

    Regardless if Steve Jobs' cancer picture is faked for a more shocking effect or not, it doesn't remove the fact that he is dying and might not be with us soon. He knows this, he realizes this, that's why he stepped down as Apple's CEO.

    With that said, Steve fought a good fight. For 7 years, he raged against his cancer when ordinarily people with his condition is only given months to live. I know he has lived a wonderful life, more so because his creations are complete successes. When he goes down, at least he burned out. Better to burn out than fade away as they say.

    Let's see what God has in his sleeve. He might play the "Magically disappear" card on Steve Jobs' cancer, don't you think? Whatever happens, I picture him as a man in peace.

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